It depends on what you're measuring, but 500ml of water can be considered 500g of water. 1 U.S. dry pit/551 ml. How much is 1 pound of dried cranberries in ml? Great Value Blueberries, 16 oz. Note: Fractions are rounded to the nearest 8th fraction. One pint of blueberries should fill about 2 dry cup measures—and should come right to the top of the pint container in which they are sold. Blueberries labelled in English (1 US DRY PINT) and French (1 CHOPINE SÈCHE US 551 ml) for sale in the US and Canada. Strawberries are sold by dry volume measures, not liquid volume measures, nor by weight. All the OZblu blueberry varieties meet our strict criteria for size (bigger range), taste (sweeter), firmness (crispier), colour (deep blue), natural bloom, a longer shelf life and juiciness – simply put a far superior quality of berry and eating experience! Terms of Use Email us: [email protected], Convert 551 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 552 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 553 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 554 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 555 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 556 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 557 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 558 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 559 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 560 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces), Convert 561 Ml (milliliter) to Oz (ounces). Get nutrition facts in common serving sizes: 100g, 1 cup, 1 package, 50 berries, 1 tbsp. 160 imperial fluid ounces make up one imperial gallon – therefore making an imperial fluid ounce of water equivalent to around 28.4g and later, after the introduction of liters, 28.4ml. Milliliter. Also, explore tools to convert milliliter or microliter to other volume units or learn more about volume conversions. This is because a ¼ cup is the equivalent of a ½ cup serving of the fresh fruit. Search items. A dry pint is 551 mL. of raw blueberries. 551 ml in uk fl oz; 551 Milliliters = 19.392 Imperial Fluid Ounces. Home Produce Department fruits. Please, choose an ingredient by typing its name in this box. 1 ounce of blueberries equals 35 milliliters(*). Prominent Strawberry balanced with creamy butter and toast. The milliliter [mL] to microliter [µL] conversion table and conversion steps are also listed. 2 pint to oz = 32 oz. Weight ⇀ Volume Volume ⇀ Weight. Chances are, your pint will weigh about 12 ounces, give or take a little. Here are 10 evidence-based health benefits of blueberries. Blueberries are highly nutritious and among the world's most powerful sources of antioxidants. Values are rounded to 3 significant figures. Dry pt Us =18.62 oz US liquid pt 16 fluid oz UK pt =20oz pt of icecream=12oz pt blueberries =12oz pt of strawberries =23.075 oz so actually 32oz = 33.307oz Sure glad I got us all straight on that.. Blueberries - 18 oz. All the other answers are wrong, and are only confusing people with needless complexity. Blueberries are a top choice among many doctors and nutritionists for various reasons. 1 ounce of blueberries equals 35 milliliters. Due to this slight difference the US fluid ounce is around 4% larger than the imperial fluid ounce, measuring around 29.5ml rather than the imperial 28.4 – however, as the use of the imperial ounce around the world has decreased, the US gallon is often the measurement in question. It is equal to 1/1000 liter, or one cubic centimeter, therefore, 1ml =1/1000 L =1 CM3. 0.25 oz The conversion results for Strawberries, raw natural amounts found in the table below reflect the Unit From measure chosen in the units converter above.