Today I’m sharing 40 easy vegan and gluten-free recipes that use mostly (if not all) pantry ingredients. Vegan Pantry Staples: 10 Tips on Stocking the Perfect Plant Based Pantry 6 comments Last week on the blog, we talked about how to put together the perfect vegan meal . They’re just showing off now. What do you even eat? MEDICAL DISCLAIMER The information on is intended for informational and educational purposes only. A well-stocked pantry is the secret weapon of every efficient kitchen. Think you have to give up your favorite candy bars when you’re raw vegan? Whether you fancy a chocolate chip chia pudding (yes, please), or this vibrant Blueberry Chia Seed Cake (yes, I’ve still got room), chia seeds, rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, should be kept in your pantry at all times! The free printable guide is perfect to have on hand! 30 Vegan Pantry Staple Recipes that are simple, quick, and made with whole-food, plant-based ingredients. Vegan Freezer Staples Fruit – Bananas, berries (all of them), pineapple and coconut Vegetables – Anything and everything, including cauliflower, broccoli, beans, and spinach Vegan burgers – Veggie burgers, plant-based burgers, and plant-based hot dogs. Raw vegan is just so restrictive. that are simple, quick, and made with whole-food, plant-based ingredients. Whenever possible and reasonable, the best practice is to purchase those ingredients in bulk and then transfer them to your own clear glass containers with airtight lids – my recommended way to protect your food inventory against pantry moths, avoid food waste, and speed up cooking. In this guide I give you my top vegan pantry staples and they are all curvy vegan friendly!!! We’ve gathered up the pantry staples you need to make your move to a meat- and dairy-free world a total snap. ↓↓↓ Some of these items were completely new to me when I went vegan, and they have since become favourites (such as nutritional yeast). Dried fruit add sweetness (and iron!) Just like having a refrigerator full of fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s easier to eat healthy, palm oil free, cruelty-free, and vegan when you have the foods on hand. Just be prepared to make 364 more throughout the year at the demand of all who try it! If you’re just beginning your vegan journey, this list of vegan pantry staples is a must-have! Within this general category, it is wise to choose ingredients that also bring other nutritional value, such as a wealth of fiber and vitamins that nurture a healthy heart and digestive system. The crème de la crème of raw vegan foods, I could simply not survive without medjool dates. Bon appetit! And post, with 67 raw vegan hashtags. – try these gorgeous raw cinnamon ‘oatmeal’ cookies! Whenever a dish calls for nut or seed butter, I just throw the whole version in the blender. 30 Vegan Pantry Staple Recipes that are perfect for staying home, sick days spent inside, or just when you need a boost. Flax, like all foods on this list, has so many benefits and uses that it’s impossible to list them all. All these vegan pantry staples are plant-based – except mushrooms (which are fungi) and salt (which is a mineral). Thought raw vegan was all side salads and yoga? I’d recommend aiming for about 80% carbohydrates (from your fruits and veggies), 10% protein and 10% fats (from nuts, seeds and avocados) for optimum health, so we don’t need too many… but a handful a day is essential, as is the occasional sweet treat of course, made super creamy with nuts. I did say its benefits were endless! Asian noodles: buckwheat (soba) and rice noodles are our favorites but when I visit a Korean grocer I love buying some bean- and yam-based noodles too, and use all of those interchangeably. Nature’s candy, if you will. This kind of tool is usually reserved for people who join one of my programs, like Crazy Sexy You. Vegan Pantry Staples: Starches In addition to fruits, starches are the foods from which you should be getting most of your calories on a plant based diet. This luxurious cashew cream cheesecake is a must-make, as is this simply stunning raw chocolate cherry fudge cake. Carbohydrates are humans’ primary source of energy and grains are a great source of carbs. Alternatively, sprinkle on to an Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl, for a daily dose of essential acids. Pasta: I always stock some long, quick-cooking ones (spaghettini) and a couple of varieties of short ones. But if using frozen veggies saves us from ordering take-out, I go for it without hesitation. and this super protein-rich raw veggie burger! Vegan pantry staples also include a variety of spices and seasonings. These ingredients are always in my fridge: Whenever possible, I pick fresh produce. The following pulses show up on our table every month, and in some cases every week: I prefer cooking my beans from dry, but canned beans are perfectly acceptable too. Since I practically always cook from the Vegan Family Meal Plans, I created a big spreadsheet with all of the meal plan’s ingredients based on the shopping lists, then I counted the number of times each ingredient appeared. Usually made from chickpeas, this all-rounder is always useful to have in your kitchen. Others I have had before, but now I have a found new appreciation and love of them (such as raw cashews). Often cited as one of the most powerful plant-based foods for our health, is packed with omega 3 fatty acids and fiber, and has even been known to have a protective effect against cancer. Try as I might, I can’t enjoy whole wheat version, but if you do, it’s recommended. Buy them in bulk to ensure you never run out; you’re gonna eat them a lot! Lifestyle & Tips If you're new to vegan cooking you might come across a few unfamiliar ingredients. There’ll be no mundane meals for you any time soon, if you follow my guide to the essential raw vegan pantry items, just beautiful bowls of loveliness. Discover (and save!) In order to thrive on a raw food diet, you need to stock up on the raw food staples. If you stock most of the vegan pantry staples from this list, you will not only be able to cook practically all meals from the Vegan Family Meal Plans, but also improvise dinner when you need to. But they are by no means necessary vegan pantry staples so I won’t list them here. Starchy and carb-filled vegan staples like yams, potatoes, corn, and rice must be avoided. You may opt-out at any time. Have some plant-based milk on hand, such as almond or soy You can purchase these at an organic store or make yours at home. Required fields are marked *. Yellow split peas: great in soups and stews. No, I’m not going nuts… it’s true! add a pinch when cooking cruciferous veggies! Tomatoes in 28-ounce cans (crushed or diced), Jackfruit in water or brine (NOT in syrup), Coconut milk: a once-in-a-while indulgence. we should aim for about 10% fat in our daily diets, full of antioxidants, as well as vitamins E and K. What is 80/10/10 diet? Hello Jackie! In fact, it comes from the sweet sap is produced by tapping the stalks or stems of the coconut blossom. Buy in bulk, and save! ‘What on earth is that?’ Raw coconut nectar is not quite the same as coconut butter or oil and certainly has nothing to do with bees. You should always keep an abundance of fresh fruit and veggies in your kitchen, and munch on them whenever you’re hungry! Cashews are every raw vegan’s BFF, and they’re about to become yours… Their super creamy texture makes them one of the most versatile foods in the world (not scientific fact, but it must be true). The uses of medjool dates (which tend to be creamier and sweeter than regular dates) really are endless and they’re even packed with fiber and antioxidants. Cayenne pepper, aside from making every dish it’s added to amazing, may be able to raise your metabolism and even support your digestive health. French “de Puy” lentils: more firm and suitable for bowls and salads. Which might be a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, their gooey, caramel-y taste is akin to the unhealthiest of processed sweet treats, just without the toxins. Their high natural sugar content will have you zipping around, knocking chores off your list like Superwoman. Your email address will not be published. Vegan Alcohol Brands (Beers, Wines, and Hard Liquor) Fortunately, virtually every brand of hard liquor—bourbon, whiskey, vodka, gin, and rum—is vegan. Vegan Pantry Staples & Basics - Wether you're just getting started or already following a vegan diet, this is a helpful guide to get you started and keep you on track with a healthy diet. Basic condiments like ketchup, Dijon mustard, and vegan mayo: we use very small amounts of those, perhaps one jar of each per year for our family of four, but they are good to have on hand and never go bad. Because this is a pretty obvious one, I don’t suppose I need to go into too much detail here. If you are trying to reduce your weight for health reasons, I’d recommend engaging with the material in the How Not to Diet book and de-flouring your diet. Black-eyed peas: when you can’t decide between a black bean and a cannellini…, Barley (pot is closer to whole but pearl cooks faster). It acts like an egg would in baking, binding ingredients together. No more headaches! MY TOP 25 VEGAN KITCHEN STAPLES Legumes – Whether they are canned, dry, or cooked and stored in the fridge/freezer, I am never without my beans. (Unfortunately, fraud is extremely common in the spice industry.) Or check out my blog post that covers Complete Raw Vegan Food List. Most fruit eaten should be fresh, but dried fruits make a great snack, and are essential ingredients in a lot of raw vegan sweet treats! But don’t use too much, as it could result in a bitter taste! Agar Agar is sometimes called vegan gelatin because it has the same qualities. It just means using nature’s sweetener, rather than processed. You’ll love dazzling even the most skeptical of family members and friends with this stunning creation. I keep it organized for efficient meal prep so that breakfast and lunch take me about 15 minutes to prepare, and dinners about 30 minutes to an hour. Vegan Pantry Essentials and Staples for Wholesome Plant-Based Meals: Part I All the Vegan Pantry Essentials and Staples you need to make wholesome, delicious, and satisfying plant-based meals! What if you could cook improvise practically any dinner, with just pantry ingredients and some fresh produce? These 10 vegan pantry staples are everything you need to have a successful vegan kitchen! Gooey, caramel-y and good for you, all at the same time? Use up your pantry staples, save money, and reduce waste! You'll notice that a lot of vegan pasta dishes include cashew cream sauce. (One of my favorite. By adding your email,  you will be added to Berry Abundant Life email list. is sometimes called vegan gelatin because it … An absolute must for any raw vegan pantry, raisins, full of fiber and iron, make a fab snack on their own, with cashew nuts, or sprinkled on some nut-butter-covered apple slices. The list below contains those vegan pantry staples I use every week, plus a few that I use only occasionally – but at least once per season. Although I agree in theory that it is preferable to populate our meal plans with whole grains, as opposed to flour-based products, I still need the convenience of some lightly processed grain products to enable my cooking goals. Their high natural sugar content will have you zipping around, knocking chores off your list like Superwoman. They impart a contrast in texture and color, in addition to their many nutrients. Vegan Pantry Staples, Cookbooks, Kitchen Essentials & Products Learn How to Stock a Vegan Pantry You will find must-have items for stocking your own vegan pantry. White/cannellini beans: perfect on its own, but also great to add nourishment and thickness to soups. Wonderfully aromatic, add dill to dishes such as these unbelievable raw fish fingers (no fish harmed!) Sweeteners like sugar, honey, and syrups are also not keto-vegan-friendly. There’s the vegan pantry staples of a Personal Trainer and a quick look into our kitchen essentials. Aside from being a great beauty product, use it to make everything from this super creamy raw eggnog (yes, this is a thing…), great for the fast-approaching festive season, to this raw coconut cake, a stunning centerpiece for any dinner party! Red lentils: add them to everything, you won’t even know they are there. Vegan Worcestershire sauce (the non-vegan option has anchovies…). For the most part, those ingredients are also whole, or minimally transformed. These Mediterranean beauties can be used for anything from topping salads to preparing taco ‘meat’. If not more, if I’m anything to go by… Going raw does not mean giving up sugar. My Vegan Pantry Staples Veganism | 21 comments I’ve received a few questions recently about how to stock a vegan pantry. I’m not sure who first discovered that – what an odd thing to do! Don’t let your lack of vegan prep sabotage your chances at eating cruelty-free. To help you out I'm sharing with you my favourite *51* easy vegan pantry recipes that can be made using ingredients you likely already have on hand. Every meal can benefit from a sprinkle of nuts and seeds. This post may contain affiliate links. Now, I must go; I have 5 cheesecakes to make for my friends and family. These are my top 12 vegan pantry staples. Nearly all distilled spirits are vegan except for cream-based liqueurs and products that mention honey on the label. Thanks Brigitte, Think again! Like nuts, seeds are, of course, a source of fat, but also of vital fatty acids and vitamins. Every Friday, immediately after reviewing the coming week’s meal plan, I pull the dry beans I’ll need from the pantry and soak the required quantities, plus more for lunches and snacks. And if you’re looking for a step up – a complete raw vegan food list – don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Think you won’t get through a few pounds of cashews? (If you find BPA-free cans, even better.) An absolute must for any raw vegan pantry, raisins, full of fiber and iron, make a fab snack on their own, with cashew nuts, or sprinkled on some nut-butter-covered apple slices. Couscous (preferably whole wheat): cooks in 5 minutes all included, can’t be beat for speed! Known to strengthen the immune system and even improve heart health, always have a bottle of this beautiful sweetener in your pantry! Please consult a healthcare practitioner before making changes to your diet. Great for Italian dishes, add oregano, rich in antioxidants, to this delectable raw zucchini lasagne! Or this cinnamon swirl cheesecake, perfect for a festive dessert! to bowls and even to some stews without having to chop anything. Let this in-depth guide help you build your dream healthy, plant-based kitchen pantry! Green or brown lentils: excellent as a base for burgers and neatballs. In addition to my everyday option, I love using Better Than Bouillon beef-less and chicken-less paste for some dishes. Kimchi (check that it has no anchovies or shrimp): enlivens any Asian dish with just a forkful. Some ingredients just have a hard time fitting into categories: Vegan kimchi adds a punch to my favorite Friday night dinner: coco-peanut noodles, made almost entirely from pantry ingredients. Strangely, it doesn’t really taste like coconut, but instead is akin to maple syrup. My vegan pantry is like my second office with all the cooking I do. Don't worry, pantry staples are staples for a reason- you can make so much with them! The King of the oil world, everyone’s caught on recently to the infinite uses and benefits of coconut oil. Sounds alright, to be honest. If you are at a healthy weight, enjoying these shortcuts a few times per week seems like a reasonable practice, as long as you also consume a lot of whole grains and vegetables. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, full of antioxidants, as well as vitamins E and K, can be used to make some super crispy and super moreish zucchini chips, for which you’ll also need a dehydrator. Below I highlighted for each dinner recipe what pantry ingredients and what fresh […] We've got your list! Check out my blog post Raw Vegan Food List (plus find out how to get a FREE downloadable PDF), Apart from the fresh stuff, here’s a breakdown of the raw vegan pantry essentials…. 1. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Whether it’s for your skin, your hair, or your plate, coconut oil, an essential source of fatty acids, should be found in every raw vegan pantry! These simple ingredients are a must to create for a wide range of dishes, including instant sauces: Many people will add “pasta sauce” to the list here but I prefer making my own with onion, garlic, and canned tomatoes. You can also play with different flavors such as vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Simply subscribe to my email list below and get a downloadable PDF! In their infinite brilliance, they can also be used to make ‘cheese’ sauce, great for lasagnes and pasta dishes! Think again! Vegetable broth powder: I use a lot of broth, but I don’t have the space to make big batches of my own, nor the carrying capacity to bring containers of prepared broth back home, so I use a quality powdered vegetable broth instead, and dissolve it in boiling water. For a dessert you’ll remember, how about whipping up some of these super cute raw chocolate banana ice cream tarts, using dates to make the base? Here are my favorites: Millet isn’t featured on this list because I haven’t eaten much of it in the past, but I’m working on adding more of it to our meals as a substitute for rice. Here we list our Top 10 Vegan Pantry Staples, which could be particularly useful for new vegans or those planning to transition to a plant-based diet. Strangely, it doesn’t really taste like coconut, but instead is akin to maple syrup, Subscribe to get the free raw vegan food list PDF. Some of my favorite things to make with flax include flax crackers (team with hummus for a delicious snack), or these sweet and satisfying pancakes. The grain-free diet fad is one I just can’t get behind or even understand. – but the raw vegans of this world are very grateful they did. The raw vegan gift from our friends up North, maple syrup is a natural way to add sweetness to your desserts and snacks. In addition to the spices above, I use the following seasonings on a regular basis. The great news is most vegan pantry staples are palm oil free. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, meaning if you click through and make a purchase, I may earn a … Many of these recipes require you to soak the raw cashews in boiling water a couple hours before you start cooking; the process breaks them down and makes them easier to blend. We’ll point out some of the best staples when it comes to health benefits Everything you need to know about Raw Till 4 Diet, The 7 Must-Haves for Every Raw Vegan Kitchen, 80% carbohydrates (from your fruits and veggies), 10% protein and 10% fats (from nuts, seeds and avocados), Blueberry Chia Seed Cake (yes, I’ve still got room). Download this free 2-week meal plan featuring 10 dinners with full recipes, shopping list, and prep instructions to make weeknights a breeze. Remember those pancakes made with flax? Low Impact Lab & Vegan Family Kitchen - Copyright 2019. Whenever possible, I prefer to buy whole spices then grind and combine them myself, rather than buying ready-made mixes, because it decreases my odds of consuming adulterated spices spiked with fillers. (Technically, it is not stable for more than a few weeks in the refrigerator, but we eat it faster than that!). All these vegan pantry staples are plant-based – except mushrooms (which are fungi) and salt (which is a mineral). Any chance you could share the brand of lemon and lime juice that you use? For a healthy treat for the kids – and you! High in fat, cashews, like any fat, should be eaten sparingly, but a few per day will do your body nothing but good. What have I started?! protect your food inventory against pantry moths, fraud is extremely common in the spice industry. For the most part, those ingredients are also whole, or minimally transformed. Add cumin to this divine and creamy raw spinach avocado soup for an aromatic touch. In 99% of cases, the missing ingredient can be replaced with one of those you already have in your vegan pantry. A Vegan Emergency Food Supply list that is … Subscribe to get posts delivered straight to your email inbox. A list of vegan recipes that you can make, mostly from pantry staples when you are running low on fresh produce in the fridge. Another no-brainer vegan pantry staple. But if you’re looking for a complete raw vegan food list – including a list of raw fruit and veggies – don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Welcome to Part III of My Vegan Pantry Essentials and Staples series!If you want to know the condiments I always have on hand, check out Part I, and for some of my favorite beans, legumes, and grains and tips on how to use them, check out Part II. Pffft.. How about this raw snickers bar, made with coconut nectar, as well as my BFFs, cashews. Oct 28, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Dragonfire Nutrition. Drizzle them a spoon of maple syrup, for a sweet, but good-for-your-body breakfast. Various hot sauces: my husband adds some to almost everything. In the interest of moderation, try these delish raw almond butter cookies. Even long-lasting ingredients are not eternal and you should plan on having at least a once-a-year vegan pantry challenge to review and refresh your stocks. Kombu: added to the cooking water of beans to cover our iodine needs, since we don’t use iodized salt. Cue sugar crashes, headaches, and a processed, toxic food filling your body. The one I use at the moment is Earth’s Choice – not sure if it’s available in the USA. The best sprouts to include in your raw vegan pantry consists of those of; Millet, lentils, buckwheat, peas, kidney beans, and chickpeas. You can use it as a dip, sandwich spread, topping, or as a base for your dressing. Active dry yeast: for monthly pizza night. And for the ultimate fall/winter party piece, serve up this divine raw pecan pie, which uses maple syrup in both the crust and filling. They are full of nutrition and fiber, and low in fat, making them the perfect carbohydrate-rich source of calories for the human body. AMAZON ASSOCIATES DISCLOSURE Berry Abundant Life is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to On occasion, you may hit a recipe for which you are missing an ingredient or two. Gnocchi: these pillow-like potato dumplings make a weeknight dinner feel like a special occasion. 18 Vegan Pantry Meals Without further ado, here are 18 simple and healthy vegan pantry meals you can make without needing to make an extra trip to the grocery store! If you’re new to eating a raw vegan diet, stocking your brand new pantry can seem like a daunting task. Raw vegans like a sweet treat just as much as carnivores. I compiled the list of the most frequently used ingredients that go into my family’s dinners at home. Neal Barnard, MD, reviews some healthy foods that are great to stock up on during the COVID-19 pandemic.