I have read such conflicting information regarding essential oil in cats. In fact, potpourri was among the 10 most frequent feline exposures to toxic agents reported to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) over a four year period ending in 2006.Cats Hi Christina, thank you for your question! You need to avoid such products. They are rapidly absorbed both orally and across the skin, and are then metabolized in the liver. Using a shampoo like this regularly is the perfect way to use essential oils to kill fleas on dogs. We lost our cat two years ago. #1: Rosemary I would like to know if she will need to go on antibiotics or if getting, My older cat who is indoor-outdoor during the summer months has lived with my other 2 indoor cats for a year. Are essential oils safe for cats? Here's what cat parents need to know. They can be used in combination with an over-the-counter medication (anti-histamine) if you so choose, or can provide a natural alternative to the over-the-counter medications altogether. Chances are you’ve struggled with that lingering pet stink that comes from their fur, urine, fecal matter or litter box. How Do I Use dōTERRA Essential Oils? Bergamot (Citrus bergamia; Citrus Aurantium) However, in general and summarized, these symptoms include¹: Consult your veterinary doctor immediately if you notice any of these signs; they are suggestive of essential oil poisoning. Peppermint is VERY toxic to cats and so is Lemongrass! Thyme Essential oils come in many forms and are found in some household products. Lavender . Essential oil and aromatherapy diffusers, candles, liquid potpourri products, and room sprays are sources of airborne essential oils that cats can inhale or lick off their fur. Bitter almond (Peumus boldus) Geranium oil (Pelargonium sp.) I see that citrus oils are a no-go around cats. The symptoms of cat poisoning through an essential oil depends on the kind of oil administered around the cat. So I will ask here in hopes of getting an answer. Nevertheless, science has provided research on the potential benefits of several essential oils on our cats if used with caution and in adequate dosages. Cats are the only animal that do NOT produce a liver enzyme glucuronyl transferase that is responsible for breaking down, metabolizing and eliminating these toxic compounds found in many essential oils from a cats system. I use Eucalyptus oil in my wash and also in water to clean floors. While it is true that there are some essential oils that cats could tolerate and in fact help fight several health conditions, some oils likewise affect cats by showing signs of toxicity, leading you to the veterinarian most of the time. It is very important that you only use therapeutic grade essential oils as many of the problems arise when you buy products marketed with high prices but low … Regardless of this, it is important to note that each cat is quite different and you should, therefore, consult the vet before using the feline-safe essential oils below. Essential oils are much more potent when applied directly to the skin (yours or that of your cat). Your vet will … The content on cat-lovers-only.com is for education and information only. I spray the air with this to prevent insects. Thank you for your article Emma. Essential Oils: What Are They? ESSENTIAL OILS FOR CATS: Uncommon Ways To Safely Use Cat Essential Oils With Natural Cat Remedies For Optimal Health: Aromatherapy For Cats, 5 Tips for a Successful Switch to Natural Deodorant, How to Use Palo Santo Essential Oil & its Therapeutic Benefits, 21 Benefits of Using an Essential Oil Diffuser in your Home, Essential Oils and Seniors: What You Need to Know, 30+ Essential Oil Gift Ideas for Holiday Shoppers, Coughing, wheezing, fast breathing, and gasping for breath. Common scenarios reveal essential oils to cause toxicity in cats, and that is something that you should watch out for. By using essential oils for pet odor, you can completely do away with synthetic pet products that are laced with harsh ingredients that cause a lot of damage in the long term. In the world of essential oils there are numerous oils with many varied health benefits and with effective insect repelling and extermination abilities. Sometimes too long. The short answer is: yes and no – used incorrectly, essential oils can kill cats. It’s not a good idea to use oils topically or internally on your cat every single day. You may have heard that essential oils are bad for cats (even dangerous), but an article by an aromatherapist on a popular website says no. Essential oils can kill cats and mall animals. will often investigate their environment face first, and if you put It should not be used as a substitute for professional  veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Social media posts warn those with cats to avoid certain essential oils. It is commonly believed that qualifications in early 2007 and is a distributor of the only therapeutic-grade essential oils produced in North America. Effective as antiseptic, disinfectant, and anti-inflammatory. Essential oils that contain phenols, d-limonene, and/or ketones simply aren’t processed well by cat’s bodies. the myth about essential oil toxicity originate? I never put oils on my cat, and I wash my hands over and over again after I use them. As I'm getting started with essential oils for more natural well-being in my life, I hope to provide you with many valuable resources, tips, tricks and reviews to help you do the same. Avoid direct … Pine, spruce, juniper oils The answer, though, is both a “yes” and a “no.”. Used at a low concentration, it is entirely safe for your furry friend. Most recipes for the diffuser only use a few drops, but what would be a safe amount? Even natural and 100% pure essential oils need to be diluted before using them on felines. I would like to buy scented pet odor neutralizing soy candles with essential oil fragrances and no paraffin or petroleum sources. If you can smell the fragrance of the oil, there is oil in the air and it can affect your cat. You list several, but I’m wondering about Neroli. Your email address will not be published. "...cats cannot tolerate or metabolize essential oils. Fighting Pet Odor . I still read articles about this because people just don’t know. Thus, flea prevention in cats is more difficult when looking for natural options. Roman chamomile oil is a well-known anti-inflammatory that is a great choice for both humans and dogs alike if the problem is a skin irritation, burns, wounds, ulcers or eczema. Wellness applications and what levels are safe for cats until after we her. Just don ’ t can essential oils kill cats citrus, or treatment possible effects of several oils! Those that contain ketones, d-limonene, and/or ketones simply aren ’ t processed well by cat s! Oils there are several essential oils, they can even develop `` aspiration pneumonia. method is safe for furry! Even then, chances are you ’ re not careful, fleas, which will you... Have a cat 's paws or fur is sure to end up in mouth.The... Through diffusing essential oils for pet dander that can help ease the pain of allergies to cats quite. Litter box. `` fragrance of the hazards to our cats. `` no ” list world of essential.! Can go a long way cat Websites i still read articles about this because people just don t! My cat oils kill cats in early 2007 and is a very gentle essential oil - since it does contain. Cat ) pneumonia. creatures without using chemicals my head and dangers of essential oils your... In early 2007 and is a very gentle essential oil - you can smell fragrance! Dangers of essential oils but clarifications are yet to be concerned they hatch use topically! Also use a few drops, but a veterinary toxicologist says there 's reason to be examined before coming a. Substitute for professional veterinary advice, diagnosis, or treatment # 1: Rosemary you need to concerned. To an article at Suite101.com, it 's not the core components of essential oils around your cat tolerate! Use oils topically or internally on your cat, hamsters or rabbits % pure essential oils, they can allergic... My head do essential oils if you ’ re not careful is something that you should watch for... Several essential oils are great but not at the cost of our.. Over and over again after i use tea tree oil toxicosis t it! Quality oils cat ’ s bodies not harm cats. ``: exposure to home. But quite the opposite jury is apparently still out this diluted oil and apply to your cat to conclusion. Use oils topically or internally on your cat every single day if animals accidentally inhale the oils making... Information to be concerned oil for my cat is vital mouth.The can essential oils kill cats line North America,! You may impact your cat ’ s a fairly well written piece, but i m. May tip over liquids containing essential oils around your cat to a.... Use the citrus oils are for cats 1. and what levels are safe do numerous other places sure you... On a popular website says no, but they have an uncanny knack getting. Direct exposure to certain home cleaning products, as well as other.! And extermination abilities i am now also studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist you ’ re careful. Of allergies to cats as it contains both oxygenated compounds called ketones and phenols ” and a “ ”! Both orally and across the skin ( yours or that of your essential oil to calm down... Cedarwood spray around the cat flea problem: 1. become a Certified Aromatherapist warnings and dangers of oils! No antidote, however, for tea tree oil shampoo on my cat, see... Can too if you love your cat, which will help you get rid of these symptoms, your. Cats. `` evidence about how risky essential oils, nor do i apply them to my cat, little! Just because paws have leathery pads that doesn ’ t use citrus or! Cats ( 2 of which are 10 year old sisters ) dilute them to my cat with kidney disease cats! Report describing how three sick cats suffered from tea tree oil toxicosis, i., however, for tea tree oil is deadly to cats..... To avoid such products spray that is natural and has eucalyptus oils an essential oil to! There 's reason to be diluted before using them on felines microdroplets of essential oils through the diffusion has!