I have scoured the Internet as much as possible, but I was wondering if I could get a more in depth, on the level summary of dive prep, and Dive school. NSS reports to the Submarine Learning Center, a learning center for Naval Education and Training Command. It has about a 40% passing rate. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)-- The EOD pipeline in the Navy takes you through the Navy Diving School first, then onto a joint Explosives Ordnance Disposal Training at Eglin Air Force Base. Following that training/selection course ND and EOD both go to Panama City Florida and are assigned to Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center. Change is inevitable and we must reconfigure to the ever expanding requirements to perform within the tactical environment. Joined Jun 1, 2017 Messages 16. Before joining Naval Special Warfare you'll attend Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School (NSW Prep) in Great Lakes, Illinois. This second phase concentrates on dive physics, underwater skills, and combat SCUBA. Most candidates actually drop out of dive prep school (about 50% last I heard). The prep course is more physical and less mental vs Dive school which is now more mental than physical plus your in good shape by the time you get down there Divers and EOD will remain in Great Lakes after Boot Camp and at the Center for EOD and Diving Preparatory Course, instructors conduct similar training for ND and EOD but the separation of rates occurs there. Good news is that very few people fail out of dive school after making it there. I know the attrition rate is at about 80% but I want to know why most people drop out. This training includes extensive amounts of swimming, rucksack marches, calisthenics, obstacle course running, and other physical activities. Para Rescue recruits train at the battlefield airmen prep course at Joint Base San Antonio. After completion of Recruit Training or acceptance in the Navy Diver program from the Fleet, you will go to Naval Training Command, Great Lakes, for the Diver Preparation Course (32 training days, including 20 days of Basic Electrical and Engineering courses). While in DEP you can take PSTs (fitness tests) to qualify for Navy Special Warfare rates (SEAL, SWCC, EOD, Diver, and Air Rescue). Navy A School provides technical training for sailors based on their individual rating. The Naval Submarine School (NSS) builds a foundation upon which officers and enlisted personnel are prepared to develop the competence and proficiency in skills necessary to operate and maintain their submarines. Graduates move on to NSWO in Coronado. This is where you will gain a bit more freedom than boot camp and Prep. The diving phase of BUD/S training develops and qualifies SEAL candidates as competent basic combat swimmers. 10:43 am A Good Day. Share This: About Mark Miller View All Posts . In this course, you will learn to … That is the current revision, and it has some changes from Rev. Recruit and fleet conversions are authorized accelerated advancement to E-4 (ND3) per MILPERSMAN 1510-030. Dive school is an extra qualification for an SF soldier but is the entry level gateway for a Navy diver. It has about a 40% passing rate. Newly commissioned Supply Corps officers as well as limited duty officers or officers who have been re-designated into the community, attend initial training to prepare them to serve in the fleet in entry-level positions. Reactions: TLDR20. And the Combat Diver Qualification Course is the hardest thing I have ever done, even though I did not nearly die like Chuck. Unverified. Jun 1, 2017 #4 TLDR20 said: I don't know about the Navy. Begin training with the Warrior Challenge Program. Share Tweet Share Email Continue Reading + Navy Enlisted Classification Codes. Your experience as a ND will vary, depending on the command you go to. NETC.navy.mil is the home page for Naval Education and Training Command (NETC). Students must be able to pass the Diver PST by the end of Phase One in order to continue on to Phase Two at NDSTC. Second Class Diver, CIN A-433-0022 Enlisted personnel are awarded NEC M2DV and designated as ND. Thus, performing well on this test is an indication of relative preparedness for EOD school. During this period, physical training continues and becomes even more intensive. Five distinct career paths offer specific missions and skill sets that set the stage for experiences and ways to contribute to the United States Navy that requires physical strength, integrity, and problem-solving in demanding environments. After the Prep Course, the four groups will go their separate ways and attend the related school for their NEC. Navy NEC … Like for example 50% drop out during the physical training, and the other 30% dropped out because of they had a hard time with learning about engineering, diving physics, etc. Dive school has changed a lot since I went through, now a days they send you to dive prep course to get you ready for Dive School. Not only is this test required to get into the Navy diving community, it is conducted several times during the curriculum. You may be wondering what Navy A School is, where they are located or what you can bring with you. Following NSW Prep, students are flown to San Diego, CA, to attend BUD/S at Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, CA. The Coast Guard Lieutenant handed me a pair of khaki shorts. She then attended Navy Dive School and spent two years as a Coast Guard Diver at Maritime Safety and Security Team 91109. They participate in research and development of new diving techniques and procedures for decompression. Reply. J. Jpod13. Enlisted ND personnel are designated by NEC codes per their qualifications. Due to new selection protocols within the Navy Clearance Diving branch our coaching team have been working hard to cater for these new standards. Not sure if it'll help, but my pst is: 9:19 swim 113 pushups 93 sit ups 16 pull ups 10:32 run. NSCS also provides instruction in various supply-centric areas. EOD (Navy Diving and Explosives Ordnance Disposal) dismantle and render safe unexploded ordnance to include underwater mines, land mines, and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). Course. I ship on the 11th of june, and I'm somewhat worried about just not preparing enough. NETC recruits and trains those who serve our nation, taking them from street-to-fleet by transforming civilians into highly skilled, operational, and combat-ready warfighters, while providing the tools and opportunities for continuous learning and development. I recommend taking the test with a buddy once a week. Navy Diver Deep Sea Diving and Salvage Operations and Training - These skilled divers are specialists in recovering and/or repairing Navy ships and equipment. Everyone spent hours getting ready. All Navy diver candidates must take the diver physical readiness test depicted in this video. Fitness Requirements. That way there can be a safety medic who is a DMt but doesn't miss team training to be the … 5. Air Force diving students tread water in their dive gear at Naval Support Activity Panama City, Fla., Aug. 3, 2017. At NSW Prep you'll train for two months to improve your fitness and learn the basic concepts of special warfare. Navy divers perform salvage operations, harbor clearance and security, underwater ship repair, submarine rescue, saturation diving, and conduct diving operations with SEAL/EOD/Marine Corps diving units with state of the art diving equipment. This test entails swimming 500 yards in no more than 14 minutes, followed by a 10-minute rest. Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) Codes. Navy Diver Prep 2.0. 42 push-ups in no more than two minutes is the next step, followed by a two-minute break and then 50 sit-ups in a maximum of two minutes. The goal of the physical training is for the student to pass the diver Physical Screening Test and to prepare the student for dive school. Don't throw away what you've learned in boot camp and/or Prep. Dive prep is designed to weed out people and it's tough for a reason. The Navy Diver rating requires a minimum of a … Once you have completed the EOD Prep course, you will attend 9 weeks of Diver Training at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) in Panama City, Florida. 5. The dive school’s vision is to develop the 'whole' diver, mind, body and heart, with the skills and confidence to successfully complete missions and integrate with all combat forces to offset our adversaries in the undersea domain. During your time at NDSTC, you will learn concepts of diving and diving equipment, how to properly operate and maintain diving equipment, and of course, how to properly dive under the water. Naval Special Operations: . Center for Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Diving (CEODD) was designed to prep Sailors in the EOD and Navy Diving (ND) rating for follow-on training at the Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center in Panama City, Fla. The entire Navy SEAL training pipeline is 58 weeks long. ND Preparatory Course, CIN A-433-0101; and b. Naval Aviation Schools Command (NAVAVSCOLSCOM or NASC) provides an educational foundation in technical training, character development, and professional leadership to prepare Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and partner nation officers and enlisted students to be combat quality aviation professionals, and deliver them at the right time, in the right numbers, to be the forces their nation needs. The Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS) offers a range of career-long training for the Supply Corps community. Both Navy Diver and EOD will go through the same dive school but will change course as they advance toward their job descriptions of either salvage diver or underwater explosives expert. Navy Diver class "A" school is 15 weeks in duration, and it is located in Panama City, Florida. Google the Navy Dive Manual and study Revision Six. So, the chance for the recruits to become relax and lazy is higher; and the chance of getting into stupid troubles will be higher as well. But in SF there are many 18D DMT's who are not divers. Our class had an inspection in our dress blue uniform yesterday. I (and many other EOD Techs) always say that Dive School is where the "real" Navy EOD Pipeline begins. Before attending the class "A" school, a seven week preparatory school will be completed at Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Candidates may also volunteer for ND during basic training at Recruit Training Center, at A-school, or at any time during their enlistment prior to their 31st birthday. When you feel good about those, study the section on the dive rigs- SCUBA, MK21, etc. Immediately following boot camp graduation, sailors will go to their Navy A school to receive instruction on job functions and duties. Focus on dive physics, medicine, and charting. In-service recruiters (Dive Motivators) at RTC give presentations on the Navy's diver programs, conduct the physical training screening tests, and assist interested people with their applications. Once you qualify, you will be put into a draft and will be picked up for a contract if your numbers are good enough. Applicants to the Navy Medical Deep Sea Diving Technician training course must pass the fitness test for Navy divers. NSW Prep ends with a mandatory pass or fail Physical Screening Exit Test. Basic Navy EOD Dive School - 9 weeks of diving training in Panama City FL where EOD candidates will learn basic diving as well as advanced re-breather diving using the MK16 Related Article – Army Combat Medic Specialist (MOS 68W): Career Details. Why do most people who try out for Navy Divers DOR? Thanks! Image: Defense.gov. The by product is a well rounded comprehensive training plan based on our old program.