Grain gives two elements which are Carbons and protein. Is Napier grass/ elephant grass good as regular feed for goats? For raising 100 goats, you will need about one acre of land. Not every poisonous plant is deadly, as many have various levels of toxicity causing different effects. Gardening Tips: YOU can have a great garden! Straw – Ad lib Corn, rye, moil, oats, barley, corn are known as cereal grains that provide Carbons or energy. Thank you and more power. Inder Chauhan. Thank you! Winter temperature :- _5•c to15•c…occasional snow fall upto 10″ thick in the month of November , December and January For this reasons it should not be given to goats. Land structure:slightly horizontal Which breed are you willing to start with? Maclura pomifera: The Edible Inedible. When a person puts a goat in captivity, you have limited the ability to seek for the ideal feed. Can Chickens Eat Cantaloupe Seeds. Urea – n/a in Thrissur, Kerala. I would like to know about the profit from the goat farm, as I have 15 goats and I am going to run the commercial goat farm…. Two of three remaining sites, here and the one below, will say it is edible. But 1 acre land is enough for feeding 100 goats in stall fed system. Many thanks in advance for your quick reply. We also recommended him for having another sources for producing green feeds (not in 10 kattha land). Log in, *We get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Regards Sometimes everybody is almost wrong. I have 20 pregnant Thalacherry goats can I feed them with cabbage leaves and other vegetables on regular basis. But Black Bengal is a good option for you. From Hyderabad, India. I am planning to raise some goats on my backyard. Or, you can plant extra in the garden just for the goats and chickens! You can prepare silage for feeding your goats during the dry season. Please advise me what should I do. Some general garden and kitchen scraps like banana peels, orange peels, tomato, garlic skins other vegetables and fruit cutting etc. i have required 100 nos of black bengal goats, so plz send your qutation. Black Bengals are very hardy and productive. The resourceful goats crave the bitter taste and aroma, climbing up to … Goats do have a very wide range of plants and trees which are palatable to them. Vaccination Schedule For Goats, Common Vaccination For Goats. You can use silage or other processed feeds. Yours truly, R. Timoteo. For meat producing purpose Black Bengals are great mainly for it’s unique taste and high market demand and this is a hardy goat bread that can adopt themselves with climate and natural conditions easily. A goat’s diet bear no resemblance to the eat-everything-in-sight, tin-can-consumers of farm mythology. Production lick and energy licks are supplements. By providing sufficient amount of greens and grainy foods you can increase body weight of your male goats. But I never use UREA. Please reply me at [email protected]. Thank you! You can raise your local goat breeds (which are available in Nepal) and some other popular meat goat breeds such as Boer, Black Bengal etc. You can follow any of this molasses based rations. sir,thank u for your valuable suggestions.i have a question to be asked …i have heard that in kochi ,kerala there is a efficient goat rearing called broiler goat rearing where small child goats are taken into isolation and are fed only with grain and special feed where they will be able to sell them in 140-150 days with an average weight of 23-25kgs where as free range normal goats obly weigh 10kg max…as i rear goats for meat is this method suitable for me?i need ur insight on this…please…. Thank you! Naz. Thank you! Follow the feeding chart above “Balanced Goat Feed”. Besides, the natural food goats also need vitamins, energy, protein etc. Adjust the cost and income as per the current rate in your area. Goats are ruminants; they like to browse and to eat grass, tree, and bark for these reason goats have an interest about paper (made up of wood). So it will be better if you can manage another piece of land, where you can cultivate greens. I’m a beginner and want to start a goat farm (for meat production) in Central India. In this regard Boer, Beetal and Sirohi can be perfect for meat production. and I plan raising goat for meat first step 30 goats and keep moving without sale for 3 year., As a beginner, you should start with a minimum number of goats. .Wondering what goats-done with bottle feed- can munch on? And by planting highly productive and fast growing grasses in one acre land with proper irrigation system, you can feed 100 goats throughout the year along with feeding regular supplementary feeds. Any change of feed habit must be occurred gradually. Thank you! Retailer Wild Birds Unlimited lists birds that like eating the fruit too. I am RAHIM(Betna Agro Firm) from Satkhira, Bangladesh. We much keep vigil on each an every goat even on their walking way to keep them healthy and goats or sheep required Calcium and vitamins , minerals and shed in IRON and Copper land areas are very much healthy for goats and sheep and never take goats from market if you trying for stand feeding shed beacuse market goats are sold by or from farmers and farmers gives more time for feeding from moring 10 to eveing 5 if you take from market then you must take full measrues for feeding them stomach full and you must always be near your goats, better i prefer not to do this business on big scale as i havesuffered 13 lakhs loss only in 5 years. From when castrated goat needed to provide concentrated feed? sir, presently i own 2 goats one male and female , iam from kasaragod district of kerala ,i have 35 cents land , previously i had 5 goats at the begining but due to lack of knowledge it was difficult to feed the goats and they became skinny….i rear goats not for thier milk but i sell male goats to local muslims on occasion of bakrid and ramzan and the female goats are a hard sell and are used for breeding and then for meat.sir now i have a little bit knowledge i plann for cultivating napier grass and guinea grass .sir please tell me if iam on right path and also tell me about method to increase weight of male goats and the food required. Contract no 9735527894. On the climate of Kerala, what type of food can be useful to goats (Malabarai) except natural grass? I got into the habit of summer pruning to maintain smaller tree size. It is also a carcinogen and can cause thiamine deficiency, which leads to polioencephalomalacia (goat polio) in goats, which is a fatal goat disease without intervention. Farmer should not feed cigarettes and cigarettes butts. Thank you! Thank you! how many goats can be fatten and which is best breed. Your chickens will lay more nutritious eggs and produce quality meat in this system. what should I to do. Start introducing green feeds and concentrated feeds to your castrated bucks when they reach their one month of age. I am very pleased to hear that, I am able to help someone like you. What vegetables and fruits do goats like to eat?