The cucumbers I am growing this year are the little ones – variously described as “Lebanese” or “cocktail” cucumbers. Sit on your porch, listen to the birds, and take sips of this light and fresh cocktail. Instructions. Cucumber-Mint Gin Cocktail. Kick Back with these 5 Killer Cucumber Vodka Cocktails By Sam Slaughter October 15, 2017 When it comes to flavored vodkas, sometimes less is more. Add all ingredients into a shaker, gently muddle the cucumber and mint. Ingredients. Smash it up with a cocktail muddler.. We love these nice tall highball glasses for mojitos! This cucumber mint margarita is a late afternoon and evening cocktail, for sure. What a better way to enjoy a good party than with cocktail pitchers that will provide an abundance of deliciously refreshing cocktails? You will need a little time to prepare the watermelon and cucumber puree but it can be done ahead of time and made in large batches so it won’t get in the way of entertaining! What ends up happening sometimes is that you really don't taste the cucumber very much and you're left munching on a gin-soaked … I am a wine and beer drinker who’s always enjoyed a cucumber, mint, lime cocktail when I’m out (but at age 70, that’s becoming rarer.) I have NO cocktail-making equipment, but the other day I used my blender to make a cucumber, rosemary, lime gimlet from a recipe and strained it through a fine mesh kitchen strainer, pressing the blended mush with the back of a large spoon. 3 slices of cucumber 3 to 4 mint leaves . I have a few favorite cucumber cocktails like this sparkling pink grapefruit cocktail with cucumber or this honeydew & cucumber white sangria, but I like them mostly for brunches or early afternoons.. Shake the crap out of it, or until your cocktail shaker is too cold to touch (10-20 shakes). We came up with this delicious, refreshing Watermelon Cucumber Mint Cocktail and it’s definitely a winner! Top the glass with soda water and swirl to combine using a cocktail mixer (or just a straw). Now, on to the Cucumber Mint Gin Fizz. 2 small red beets (about 4 oz.) An easy cocktail recipe that will quickly become a favorite summertime drink! It's got cucumber juice, fresh lime juice, vodka, seltzer water, and sliced cucumber for garnish. 10. A refreshing drink like this is perfect for enjoying outside all spring and summer. Add in simple syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice, Gin and 4-5 large ice cubes. Blackberry Cucumber Gin and Tonic The Wooden Skillet Ingredients. 4 servings. The Eastside cocktail is a subtle variation on the classic Southside. ; strain the rum into a new glass and add some more mint, the lime juice, and the simple syrup. Now, this Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler was a surprise to me when I made it. How to Make a Cucumber Mojito. Fill a cocktail glass with ice. Add ice and shake until chilled. Others muddle slightly to get some of the flavor out. Home Recipes Produce Organics About Contact Recipes Produce Organics About Contact No Ratings Yet. 12 juil. 1 ½ cups fresh cantaloupe (plus more for garnish) 6 mint leaves (plus more for garnish) 8 cucumber slices (plus more for garnish) ¾ cup water 1 cup sugar 1.5 ounces Vodka Ice Seltzer water Instructions. Pour over the cucumber mix. Print Ingredients. Cucumber, Mint & Elderflower Gin Cooler. The idea of adding mint, cucumber, lemon, and honey makes the cocktail very healthy. add the rum, mint, and cucumber to a glass or cocktail shaker.. Delicious! Cocktail Cucumbers. In the series, I use tequila, beer, bourbon, amaretto, and even prosecco. Fill a glass half full with ice cubes (see note 2). This lemonade cocktail is very hydrating. Besides cucumber, you can make other infused vodkas with fruit, fresh herbs, or flowers (such as hibiscus).If you’re looking for more recipes with cucumber vodka, I have some other recommendations in that post. Combine the cucumber, mint, lemon juice and sweetener (see note 1) and blend using a stick / immersion blender. So when you make your poolside cocktail you'll want a summer drink that hydrates too. To get started, you’ll need Cucumber flavored vodka. When Karlynn first told me about it, I really wasn’t interested. Cucumber Mint Vodka Cocktail Serves: 2 2 mini Cucumbers 2-3 Limes 1 cup of Mint Leaves 4 ounces of Vodka 2 teaspoons Simple Syrup or Sugar Sprite/Seltzer … 45ml gin A few small cubes of cucumber 3 mint leaves 10ml elderflower cordial (or sugar syrup) Squeeze of fresh lime juice Tonic or soda water, to top up In a rocks or highball glass, gently muddle the cucumber and mint. I have been looking to make a cocktail with gin all summer when I started my 3 Ingredient Cocktail Series.. To make a lighter, and more refreshing summertime martini I’ve lightened the recipe up by blending gin from the freezer with some frozen cucumber, a sprig of mint and a squeeze of lemon. I have a power blender that made quick work of the chunks of frozen cucumber, but you can also make this with a chilled cucumber and gin from the freezer. Cucumber Melon Mint Fizz Cocktail is a fruity and refreshing vodka cocktail. olive oil 1 tbsp. Serve on ice & garnish with strawberries, orange, cucumber & a sprig of mint; Recipe and image via Warner’s Distillery. Get the recipe here. You just need to know a few steps and use a little elbow grease. ). I’m not admitting that she’s right, but I might just be a cucumber in cocktails convert. You can have it with your bbq instead of just drinking carbonated drinks with so much sugar and no nutritional value. 5 cucumber slices, divided 2 sprigs of mint 25 millilitres simple syrup 25 millilitres freshly squeezed lime juice It’s good for hot summer weekends. 3 tbsp. Our three flavors — MARGARITA, CUCUMBER MINT, and GINGER LIME — have no sugar and no artificial ingredients, so you can ENJOY COCKTAILS without guilt or sacrifice. It's easy to get dehydrated during the dog days of summer. I adore Crop but haven’t been able to find it here in Minnesota (shout out to my mom for bringing the Crop to me from NY on her last trip here! This cocktail is a little more labor-intensive than my usual recipes but it’s worth the extra work! 5 cucumber slices, divided 2 sprigs of mint 3/4 ounce simple syrup 3/4 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice Garnish with cucumber and mint, if desired. The clean taste of cucumber partnered with the burst of cool flavor from fresh mint in this Cucumber Mint Vodka Refresher will certainly cool you off! Pour vodka and club soda over ice in glass; stir gently to combine.