The thermocouple more or less acts like a sensor for gas flow and supplies gas to the pilot light through the gas valve. So you may need to do some plumbing in order to get it right. The pilot light in your gas furnace supplies heat to your home. How to Light Your Pilot Light on a Gas Fireplace | Heat & Glo ddo0njqsmfzmqz1be31mifra Alleyne says to look for and clear out any debris between the igniter and thermocouple. They skip steps 3, 4 and 5 and light the burner directly. Before running the test, ensure that your pilot light has been on for two minutes or more, then switch off your fireplace. One of our customers had a standard gas log set on his fireplace. The following is only an educational overview of how gas fireplace components are checked. I've got a gas fireplace insert in our fireplace. I have a Vermont Casting SNV30 lp stove. Don't worry, Heat & Glo provides helpful step-by step directions for relighting your pilot light. Take out the faulty thermocouple and thermopile and replace them with new ones. I have a new construction home with a gas fireplace (Copreci VCS-ECOMOD) that won't stay on when lit. Then, when the pilot is burning brightly, release the reset button. If gas is coming out of the pilot, but it still won’t light, the spark igniter could be the problem. If it doesn’t feel heat, it won’t let gas flow through the unit. Although it’s cheap to replace both probes, it’s far cheaper to clean them first. When I first hooked it up worked well. The whole assembly is usually replaced, and they usually come at the same price. Gas fireplace pilot light won't stay lit. Take note that it’s the pilot head, not the thermocouple. I replaced the thermocouple two days ago and it worked fine until tonight and now nothing will stay lit. Pro Tip: If the pilot is lighting, but not staying lit, it indicates that the thermocouple is worn out, Worthen says. Achieving a toasty fire is as easy as knowing how to light a gas fireplace. Don't worry, Heat & Glo provides helpful step-by step directions for relighting your pilot light. Find your main gas control valve, and locate the thermopile sensor then find the Electric Contacts labeled TH/TP and TP respectively on the valve. The pilot is typically located inside fireplaces on one side close to the wall. If it reads less than 300 millivolts, it may be cause that your gas fireplace wont function, therefore, you should replace it. While the pilot light is ignited, use a flashlight to look into the pilot hole opening. The gas line is 1/2" flex copper hooked to a 30lb tank with a regulator. Due to the function of your thermocouple and thermopile, it’s only logical that they will build up carbon deposits from burning all the time. If your pilot light won’t stay lit, the thermocouple is very likely the culprit. Checking your thermopile for a fault is a simple DIY solution as to why your gas fireplace wont function, but if the above steps don’t work you may need to call a technician to fix your issue. There are simply no other moving parts that can go wrong with this setup. Its purpose is to not allow the gas valve to open if the pilot light isn’t lit. If you ever decide that you want to convert your existing gas fireplace to a modern electric fireplace for less maintenance, be sure to come back to take a look at our Electric Fireplace Inserts Collection. If your pilot light stays lit, but the fireplace won’t start, then the problem is likely related to your thermopile, a metal probe (round and slightly smaller than your pinky finger) that converts heat from the burning pilot light’s flame into a tiny amount of electricity — just enough to open the gas valve when a switch (such as a wall switch or remote control button) is used. The flames normally appear for a few minutes. With a hand brush, rag, and vacuum cleaner, you can get your gas fireplace sparkling clean again. Try the following DIY fix at home for a fireplace that won’t stay lit. When I prime the pilot it has a nice blue flame and the thermocouple turns orange. Use this guide to learn how to light a gas fireplace using a wall switch, control panel or fireplace key. When the gas fireplace pilot light goes out, make sure that your pilot head is screwed or clipped to the burner pan. When this happens, you should call a professional to get it changed quickly to avoid a fire incident. The Noble Flame - Articles & Ideas on Stylish Heating, Color-Changing Fireplaces with Multicolor Flames. If the gas fireplace pilot light will not stay lit, troubleshooting common problems can usually fix this issue. If the color of the flame turns yellow or red, it’s a sign of gas contamination. If the gas fireplace shuts off after a few minutes, it's pretty much always going to be a pilot head issue, or a valve issue. That valve should be a suitable replacement. … Troubleshooting any type of appliance, and especially gas appliances, can be dangerous. Shut off the electricity to the furnace at your main breaker panel. An operational pilot light in your furnace means safety from the possibility of a gas leak. Now the pilot will not stay lit. It is not intended to be a complete DIY diagnostic or to replace the support of a qualified technician. It's worked perfectly for 3 years but now the pilot light won't stay lit. Alleyne says to look for and clear out any debris between the igniter and thermocouple. Posted by 9 days ago. Sometimes it lights and stays lit for an extended amount of time. When you’re satisfied with the way the thermopile looks, go ahead and re-ignite the pilot light. Just like the thermocouple, the thermopile can be read with a multimeter to check if it’s the cause of the problem. Usually, there will be a smaller screw inside. Once I light the fireplace, the fireplace will come on and run for about 5-10 minutes then shut off. Gas fireplace pilot light won't stay lit. Cleaning dirty burner ports from time to time could help solve the problem. When your burner ports are clogged, the flame tends to be uneven and might possibly go off. Regardless of whether the fix worked or not proper gas fireplace maintenance will save you a lot of stress in the future and make sure your fireplace stays functioning. If the fireplace is new or the pilot hasn't been lit for a long time, there might be air in the pilot tube. If the fireplace was burning for an extended period of time before the pilot light went out, then you need to wait much longer than one hour before touching the pieces on the fireplace or you could sustain a serious burn injury. #gasfireplacerepair #fireplacepilotlight #pilotlightwontstaylitWe show how to easily fix a gas fireplace pilot light to stay lit. Three Upscale Electric Fireplaces...For Around $300! This usually happens when the tube is kinked at one or many points. Tools Needed If there is no reset button or gas valve, simply hold a lighted match to the pilot orifice. Be the first to find out about discounts and special promotions! Although not a common fault with gas fireplaces, just like every other component, it is subject to failure. This build-up can very well limit their effectiveness. This can be an indication that your fireplace thermocouple is either bad or worn out. New models usually come with improved designs. The thermocouple on your gas fireplace is a heat-sensitive device that keeps the pilot gas tube open while the pilot is lit. If done properly, the light should start the instant that the flame is close enough to do so. From your gas meter, check the drip loop for excessive moisture. Direct ignition furnaces do not have a pilot light. If your thermocouple is still in good condition, you should be able to read 25 millivolts of voltage or higher, but if it reads less than 25 millivolts, your thermocouple needs to be replaced. Furnaces with a standing pilot light do not perform step 4. You can turn that screw to make it bigger. However, it seems to have the same issue. If it's too close to the burner, you'll burn it out. You might be amazed to find out that the most straightforward fix for this is to light your pilot. Always refer to your unit’s manual for specific instructions. Electric Fireplace Buying Guide - Everything You Need to Know, FusionFire - The Electric Steam Fireplace That's Redefining Fire, Linear Electric Fireplaces - What They Are & How to Choose One, Here's A Tip When The Gas Fireplace Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit. This also another possible reason why your pilot’s light won’t come on. A thermocouple is a safety device and is a component of the ignition system. Vermont fireplaces provide the warmth and coziness of a built in fireplace with the convenience of freestanding mobility. The single-pole breaker operates … Three hundred millivolts or higher voltage is a sign of a good thermopile. The Thermocouple and the Thermopile carry out a similar function of converting heat to electricity, but the thermopile generates more electrical current compared to the thermocouple. You can get a technician to help you make the necessary adjustments. If it determines that the pilot light is off, it shuts down the flow of gas. Also remember that common valves don't take heat very well and won't last. Pilot … Gas control button. 4. However, if your pilot is lit but the gas fireplace isn’t, then there’s probably a problem with your thermopile. It contains tiny holes that pass through the gas. Turn off the pilot light and turn the knob to the off position before working on any parts of … So you’ve checked your pilot light and even reset it, but still, it wont stay lit. Hello my husband and I just bought a brand new house in another state. How to Light Your Pilot. ← Previous Post If you turn the screw, slowly relieve pressure and make sure it's still threaded into the valve. Has the pilot light on your Heat & Glo fireplace gone out? The burner is placed below the thermocouple and pilot. If I leave the pilot on, the pilot is stable and stays lit indefinitely. With the gas on, push in and hold the pilot valve while igniting the pilot light. Pilot light won’t light on gas log fireplace. The gas valve opens so gas can flow to the main burner(s) and be lit by the pilot light. We have a gas fireplace that has a pilot light that stays lit. We won’t be moving quite yet so I haven’t had the gas in our home turned on yet. 2. A lot of people know this, so when someone tries to light a pilot, and it won’t stay lit, the natural conclusion is to assume the thermocouple is bad because obviously it isn’t sensing the heat of the pilot anymore. A flame sensor is still present but it is over the burner’s flame. If you're still having issues that the gas fireplace will not stay lit, then the valve needs to be replaced. If you find that you need to frequently light the pilot, the pilot tube may be blocked with debris so be sure to clean the end of the tube with a pin. The gas fireplace will not stay lit. 1. So you’ve checked your pilot light and even reset it, but still, it wont stay lit. Proper maintenance of your gas fireplace can help prevent issues with your fireplace such as trouble keeping the unit lit. Furnaces of various kinds are gas powered and use a pilot light to supply heat to the unit, including standard home furnaces and floor furnaces. Make sure you still have an orifice on your burner before you throw anything away or hook it back up. Eleven Upscale Electric Fireplaces...For Under $500! Close. It is recommended to replace the whole pilot head instead of just the thermocouple. Because we haven’t had the gas on since the day we got the keys. The flex tube is how the gas reaches the device, and if the continuous flow of gas is interrupted, the pilot light won’t stay lit. The first thing you should do when faced with fireplaces that won’t stay lit is to make sure your pilot light is lit. This can be done in case the pilot flame is too small to do its job. When the fireplace is clean and undergone proper maintenance, it burns evenly and prevents dirt from destroying its mechanisms. If the thermocouple is too far from the flame, this can cause the pilot to go out and shut down the propane heater; you can fix this easily by moving the thermocouple closer to the flame. Take the multimeter leads, placing one on the TH/TP terminal and the other on the TP terminal. This has been a common concern for people who own a gas fireplaces. Once the pilot is lit, hold the pilot valve in for 60 seconds. Because this is a real flame, will not effect like that of electric fireplaces. It’s always a good idea to test your thermocouple with a multimeter to rule out the possibility of it being the reason behind your gas fireplaces not staying lit. If you experience a problem while using the Casting Radiance model, it may be easily fixed be performing a simple troubleshooting routine. Your thermopile output can be tested with a multimeter using the TH/TP Contacts to check the amount of electricity it’s producing. This pilot light may not always stay lit, due to a variety of issues that may affect the gas supply or ignitor. To quickly clean your thermopile, turn off the gas supply. First, hold down the gas control button while also holding the end of your lighter or lit match towards the end of the pilot tube. One thing you can try if the gas fireplace shuts off after a few minutes: there's a small screw on your valve that regulates the size of your pilot flame. Whether its mounted in the wall or in a mantle, there’s nothing as relaxing as sitting with your loved one in front of your fireplace on a cold night at home talking about everything and anything. When this happens, there’s no need to panic, as the possible cause of the problem might be something easily fixed without needing the help of a technician. Your pilot should be about 90 percent blue, with very little yellow. Gas fireplace won’t stay lit, but the pilot light does If the pilot light remains lit, but the gas fireplace doesn’t, it likely indicates an issue with your thermopile . Be careful though, sometimes the screw has a spring behind it and will shoot out and you'll have a difficult time finding it. sitting with your loved one in front of your fireplace, Chimney Flashing Leaking? Here's A Tip When The Gas Fireplace Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit If you are having problems with your gas fireplace, we recommend you contact a reputable gas fireplace shop or plumber who can assist. The initial flame of the pilot heats the thermocouple, which will signal the valve to stay open and keep the pilot lit and the propane heater functioning. Sometimes gas fireplace won’t stay lit because it is not receiving sufficient gas to keep the flame going. You can use your manufacturer’s guide to locate these. He tried replacing the thermocouple as he was having the issue with the original one. While this is an excellent safety feature, a faulty thermocouple may decide arbitrarily that your pilot light is off when you want it on, shutting down your pilot light … Life ... Once the pilot is lit, hold the pilot valve in for 60 seconds. Step 3: If the pilot flame won't stay lit after several tries, it … Another possible cause could be moisture in the gas line. This is capable of diluting the natural gas, making the light go off. What to Do with a Leaky Chimney, Chimney Damper Repair | How to Identify a Broken Damper. Instead, choose brass valves. Next Post →. When this happens, the pilot also shuts off. For common valves, you should unscrew the cap screw completely. This makes it hard to light, but it should come on after repeated attempts. Faulty Thermocouple. In most cases, you’ll be lighting the pilot light once a year. The Fix: Pilot Light to Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay Lit. Unfortunately, it can be a real bummer when your gas fireplace won’t stay lit due to wear and tear of parts or improper maintenance. Standard gas log sets are fairly simple. Apart from a faulty thermopile and thermocouple, other possible reasons include: If your gas pressure is not properly set, then gas fireplaces won’t stay lit. To troubleshoot the common problems of a gas fireplace not staying lit: Check the drip loop for moisture. If gas is coming out of the pilot, but it still won't light, the spark igniter could be the problem. A reading below 300 millivolts would require you to replace the thermopile. The thermopile, on the other hand, opens up the gas valve when the fireplaces are turned on. But often it goes out after a few minutes. This can be an indication that your fireplace thermocouple is either bad or worn out. Priddy Chimney Sweeps is licensed, bonded, and insured in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC. If the pilot light on your gas fireplace won’t stay lit, a very likely culprit is a component called a thermocouple. After a few minutes, turn off the fireplace and take another reading with the multimeter. It should also be touching the surrounding sensors such as the thermocouple and thermopile. With the help of a stainless steel brush and fine-grit sandpaper, you can scrub off as much piled up soot as possible. Thermocouples detect pilot lights by sensing the heat they produce. Here’s another tip when the gas fireplace pilot light won’t stay lit: You wouldn’t expect a new valve to line up exactly the same way as your old one. Flame Heat/Color. The color of the flame can be an indicator of the gas flow. Step 2: Hold a lighted match to the pilot orifice and turn the gas valve to the ON position. Apart from your pilot being lit, the flame must stay a steady blue. On the other hand, placing it too far away will cause a large "poof" of a flame whenever you want to turn it on. If the pilot light will not stay lit, it needs to be fixed ASAP to supply heat to your home and for safety reasons.There are numerous things that may make the pilot light on your furnace to not stay lit. But then, the pilot cuts out, cutting off the flow of gas to the logs. After cleaning, should the pilot light still not stay lit, it is probably time to get new equipment. The multimeter should read 300 millivolts or more. However, if your pilot is lit but the gas fireplace isn’t, then there’s probably a problem with your thermopile. This is another relatively small piece of your fireplace that converts heat to electricity, ultimately opening up … So he wonders, is there a cheap, safe fix when a gas fireplace pilot light goes out? if you have gas logs it should be located in the same area as the logs.